Friday, March 29, 2013

Next Fundraiser and new Grand daughter

This morning I received a text from Brenda that said..
"Ready, Set..."

Isn't that crazy!!
Our Next Fundraiser is April 12th and 13th.
We had to make it a 2 day event because we have grown
so much! Which is exciting and scary at the same time!!!
We have 230 people signed up. These are the embellishment
bags that will go in the kits. We had to have a total of 2300
silver brads!
I'll try to send pictures of us sorting. ;) That is always fun times!
So check back and see how much we raised!!!
It's just so exciting!!! Big thanks to all of you that
continue to come and support every Fundraiser that
we do! You are the bestest ever!!!

This is our newest Grand daughter, "Faith".
She was born on Monday!! Is she not stinkin cute!!!
She makes number 6 and we have number 7 coming in July.

This is the happy little family.
Devin, Shelby, baby Faith and big Brother Justin.

Mammy getting to hold her for the first time. I was in there
with Shelby taking all the pictures! That's my job! :)
When the first grand baby was coming I decided to
be called GRAMMY, and then Rylan wouldn't say Grammy,
She kept calling me MAMMY so... there ya go..
I'm Mammy and I LOVE being a Mammy!!!

Papa getting his turn at holding her! Look at her just
looking at her papa! I love it!!

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