Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love me some scrap booking!!

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail!!
Isn't he so cute!!!

This is what my March Scrap booking class did last night.

It was a pretty easy lay out. Not too much complaining! lol

Look at these too cuties!!!
Diana and Rhonda!! love ya
We drove to AZ to see these two and to attend
their Spring Fling!

Here we are! Pat is sitting (no matching shirt!!) then Rhonda,
Marsha, Me and Brenda!
We like the Eskimo Joe shirts! :)
We had a great time!! Thanks for having us girls!!!
love ya!
They had a name tag contest too, I'll show you ours later.

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  1. I was so honored to have you all here, and then felt so bad you got storm stayed. At least you were all together and safe. Hopefully your families and jobs didn't mind and you got all rested up.