Friday, June 27, 2014

Free to Live Fundraiser

This is my Awesome fundraising team!!!
We raised $7000 for Free to Live which is
a no kill animal shelter in Edmond Ok.
The total raised there was $6,918.00 and
our sweet Ms. Pat add $82 to it to make it an
even $7,000.00!! 

We normally ask everyone to bring a jar of peanut butter
which is donated to a food bank but  this time we asked
for them to bring dog or cat food and we were blown away
with what they brought!
We filled up the back of a pick-up truck!!

There are 12 of us on the team that supply tubs
for each card we are making so those 12
have to supply 18 door prizes. These are
some that were made. They are so stinkin cute!!

We sold 235 kits total!!

These are the table goodies that everyone

And here are the cards that everyone made.
They make 14 cards. 7 different designs, 2 of each.
We all had a great time. Big thanks to everyone that
ordered kits and helped us with this Fundraiser!!

Big hugs!!!