Friday, May 17, 2013

More Fiji picutres

I wanted to share a few more pictures of Fiji. We had
the best time there. Just doing whatever and not having to
be anywhere at a certain time was great!

Here are a couple of the pillow gifts we received.
I loved this bag!! The burlap handles were a little rough
with my sunburn, but I loved it!

More pillow gifts. Mike received a cool back pack and
I got this cute hat!! I'm not sure I'll ever wear it but it's

I loved this!!

This is how Mike spent ALOT of his time.. walking up
and down the beach looking for shells.

I think he found a total of 19 sand dollars.
We had a great time! Thank you again for helping us
get there and Thank you Stampin Up for taking us!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scrappin around the clock retreat

Here are some more pictures of the fun weekend we
had. These ladies went all out on their dressing up 50's.
We had a contest and everyone voted on Best Dress.

We had hoola hoops!! And had so much fun with them.
You can kinda see Amanda behind Rhonda. she's helping her.

Go Marilyn!! She did great!

We made everyone cat eye glasses on a stick!
Lysa is such a cutie with hers on!!

These 4 ladies are the best!! Look at how much stuff they

Hi Joan!! She's working on her scrap booking pages.
She's so cute!

This is Karen and Marsha busy at work!

Jessie and Judy come every time and they work on
goodies for their class rooms. They are teacher assistants
and they make the cutest stuff for all the kids in their classes.

Joann and Donna!! Joann has lots of scrap booking to do!! :)
Big thanks to everyone that came for the retreat!!
Next post will be more Fiji pictures.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Scrappin Around the Clock retreat

I have lots of other Fiji pictures that I want to share with
you, But I wanted to show you some from the retreat
we put on this weekend.
It was called Scrappin around the clock.

We had this car for a photo opt. I love it!!

Table goodies we made for everyone. A friend that works
with Rhonda made us the record bowls to give everyone.
So cute!!

Brenda made the paper flowers for the table #'s. 
I love them!! Carmen made the record with the numbers on them.  

We always have a candy bar!!!

Here they are!!! All the cuties that came

And these are the best helpers and friends ever!!!
In the back. Carmen and Marsha.
In the Chairs are Rhonda, Me and Brenda!!
I love them so much! I couldn't do what I do
without them!!!

And the Cook and best Husband ever!! He stayed
long enough to cook the burgers and eat and then
he was out of there. He helps unload the cars as
they come and then he came back on Sunday to help
load them back up.

We had burgers and shakes Friday night and everyone
got a shake glass with a cute tag.
YES! I had one! But don't tell Jenny Craig! lol!! 
I'll have more to show you later!
Thanks for checking back!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back from Fiji!!

We are back to the real world with work and home stuff!
We had such a great time on this trip!! Thank you Stampin Up!
and all my Customers and friends that made this happen.
We love you!!!

We are waiting at the airport in LAX to get on our 747
plane. This is Diana Gibbs and Lorri Heiling.
We had a 10 1/2 hour flight to Fiji from here.
We were suppose to sleep on the way there but
that didn't happen for me. :)

Another cutie is Susie Wood!! Hi Susie!!

And Cute picture of  Amy Storrie and her hubby.

This was our room on the 3rd floor.

And our 1st present from SU! Love it!

This was the view from our Room. We loved just sitting
there on the balcony.

The first day looked like this. Raining and very windy.
But it didn't last long. Mike liked to walk up and down
the beach looking for shells.

On one of our walks he found $5 Fiji money!

The rest of the week looked like this!! We loved, loved it!
This is Mike Snorkeling, and the Island behind him is call
Treasure Island.