Thursday, July 25, 2013

Update on Buildings

Okay, so I'm starting to get excited again!
We have ran into so many problems with
what I thought was going to be the perfect
stamping space! Which once it's all done it will
be the PERFECT stamping space.
But the city and all their rules have made
it a nightmare!

So we have cement now!!! We had to
make a foundation to put the buildings on. Now
we wait for the Building movers to come
out and Move them back 25 feet onto the
cement runners to make the city happy!!
Do you want to know how much the movers are
charging to move them back 25 feet???
$3,400!!!!!!! Their killing me!
But then we can run electric to them and
the fun will begin!!!!!

Here are a couple of pictures from Convention.
Brenda is wearing our new t-shirts, that I love, love!
And she's ready to swap with her new card bag.

We are on our way to tour Stampin Up!
I'm sitting with Kathye and Joan is in the back!
We had a great time at Convention!
I'll show more pictures later!