Thursday, March 14, 2013

Down line cards and update on my building!!

In February I gave my down line a challenge to
earn points for a drawing for free product! EXCITING!!
One of the things they can do for points is to make 5 cards
and send them to someone on our team.
The receiver has to post them on face book for all of us
to see.
Here are some of the cards from that Challenge.
This card is made by Cherie Felty.

Lysa Ross made this one.

Sylvie Kao (who won the free product for the month!!)

Melanie Henry made this one.

And our Carmen Harder made this one.
They all did a great job!!
So for March we are doing the same thing!!
Everyone loves getting love in the mail!! :)

Okay, here is the update on my Buildings.
We have finally gotten the permit from the city!!!
wooo hoooo
But now we are waiting on the building inspector to
come check them out. :(  and he is in NO hurry, let me tell ya!)
some day I'll be in them stamping..... someday....


  1. It will will happen....soon...keep saying that...

  2. Yay! on the you!