Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wedding tags and more

Just wanted to show you some wedding tags that I have
been making. This is the 3rd time I have made
them for this family group. Hi Melanie!!
Love them!!

And I had to show you what I handed out to
my down line at the last group meeting.
I had mentioned to Brenda :)) that I wanted to do
these for the group and she said "OH LET ME DO THEM!"
I was like "Sure!!"
I love You Brenda!!
and everyone love getting them/

I'm not sure why this pictures is sideways? It's not that
way in my "picture" file. But this is all of Stampin Up's embossing

This is my hubby Mike, who will be 50 years old tomorrow!!,
but he is holding "Flat Anthony"
My friend, Kasi, brought this to me from her grandson, who lives
in Maryland. His name is Anthony and this is for a school project.
So flat Anthony is visiting us and learning how we make
Horse Trailers. which is where Mike and I work.

Then he gets to go visit Brenda and learn how
asphalt is made in Oklahoma!
Pretty cute school project.

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