Friday, October 19, 2012

More Down Line swaps

I'm sharing the rest of the down line swaps
from Saturday's meeting.
This one was made by Gerri Thompson.
The ornaments are done with white embossing powder.
Love it!

Laurie Smalley made this awesome Snowman card.
She did a great job on shading!

Our Carmen Harder made this cute, cute mummy card!!

This is made by Cherie Felty. I've been wanting to make
one like this! Love it.

Maruim Barteau made this Joy card.
Great job!

Hi Joan!!! Joan Brenizer is the creator of this
cute, cute card!!

This would be by ME! :)
This is a 2:30am card! Have you ever had those?
Not sure why I picked one with soooo many pieces!

Monica Wood made this snow flake card!
Love it Monica!!
Love you guys!! You did a great job on your swaps!!
You make a momma proud! :)
Big Hugs and lots of Love!!

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