Friday, October 12, 2012

Craft show

I was in a Craft show at my church last weekend and
My wonderful, amazing, Love her friend, :) Rhonda came
to help me get some stuff made up.
So I had to take pictures of our work spaces.
Rhonda's is so neat and tidy... and then you have

MINE! hee hee the messier the better for me sister! :)
It cracked me up! So I had to share.

I found these little cute suckers at Big Lots so I
thought they would make Cute reindeer!!
Love Punch art!

And my BFF, Brenda, who also helped me, Love her!
Made these cute, cute gift bags!!!
bring back the stocking punch SU!!!
Just sayin!
Have a great Friday!


  1. DARLING!!! Love the mess - that's creativity, right??

  2. Nice work Sherri!!! Thanks for posting! (I had a dream about you a couple weeks ago, will have to share....)

  3. I'm with you, sister. Messy, Messy!!