Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!
I wanted to share punch class with you today.
In case I haven't told you before, I love Punch cards!
All of these cards are cased from Pinertest. I'm so
thankful for those creative people that come up with
this stuff so I can copy it! :)

I love her!!!
She is my favorite!!! I will say that the harder it is the
more I love it! I don't think my customers would agree with
me though! hee hee
She was created by Michelle Suit.
Thank you Michelle for sharing your talent!!!
On Michelle's, she drew her eyes and I wasn't
going there so I used punches on mine. :)
I used the ornament punch
Blossom Petal Builder punch for collar
1 3/8 circle punch for head
scallop oval for hair, that was fun!
nose is made from the tip of the Blossom Petal Builder
Eyes are from the Itty Bitty and the owl punch.

Love the kitty!
She is made with the Extra large oval for the head and
then I punched back through that to get the tail.
large oval for the muzzle part ( I guess that is what you would
call the gray part)
Ears are made with the Heart to Heart punch (retired)
and so is the nose.
Paws are the small oval cut in half.
Pumpkins is made from the large ovals.

Can someone please tell me why my pictures are sideways when
I post them? They aren't this way in my folder??

I couldn't decide which color I like best so I let me make one of

Look what I'm getting!!
They are being delivered today!!!!
I'm so excited! I'm getting 2 and we will put them
together to make on long building!
They are 24 X 36 each.
This will be my new stamping space.

They are old school barracks (classrooms)
We have lots of work to do on them to make
them into my stamping space but it will be
so worth in when we are done!
Check back often to see how it's coming.
I plan to post step by step.
Then I get to name them!
Some people call their space a studio, But
I'm just not a "studio" person. I'm thinking
"Sherri's Stampin Shack"
What do you think? Help me decide...
Have a safe and super Halloween!!!

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  1. 1) Sherri's sweet spot
    2) Sherri's stampin tornado magnet
    3) Sherri's inking crib
    HA just funny ones for you. I cant wait to see all the progress. This is very cool. I am soooo JEALOUS!!. I say we just craft all day out there, forget work lol.