Friday, April 15, 2011

Stamp sale

Happy Friday! We have been busy all week getting ready for our Stamp/scrap booking sale that is tomorrow! We have 4 tables of stamps!
It's fun to see all the old sets, I keep telling myself that I don't need them! They are retired, Walk away from the Stamps! lol!
Our sale is tomorrow from 8am to 2pm.
The Disney Trip is getting closer and I have to sale lots so I hope this will help me, So come shop ladies!!

And our Dear sweet Ms Pat knew I had 40 bunnies to make for Rylan's and Adi's classes so when she came out wednesday night to help set up she brought me the 40 bunnies already punched and put together!! I love her!! She has no idea the STRESS she took off me! All I had to do was tape them to the pink cup cake things!!

Rylan will be so excited!! All she cares about is that they have eye lashes which means they are girls! hee hee

Thank you Pat!!

I hope you have a great weekend!!
Thanks for checking back!

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