Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Ink name tags

Happy Saturday! Today we attended an allll Day crop. We had a great time! There were 6 of us and only 3 and sometimes 4 of us really scrap booked :)
The other girls worked on cards. hee hee. I was able to get 24 pages done but I'm still not finished with my 2007 album! ughhh
Yes, I do my albums by the year, it normally takes 3 albums for a full year.

This is what Brenda worked on, they are going to be so sticken cute!! They are the name tags for the Ink meeting next saturday! love them!
Here is Fran and Kasi working on their stuff.

Tonia working on her albums! She is one of our newest IFO's! She recruited under her sister Rhonda.

And here is Rhonda! Love her!
We all had a great time together,
Then when I got home we went to eat at OutBack with Kayla and the girls.
Hey Brenda, Brey thought Papa's lobster was yummy! She can eat now! lol!

Thanks for checking back!
Have a great Sunday!

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