Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sharing Fundraiser pictures

I just finished the webinar on fundraisers and they gave out my blog so I
thought I better update! :) So I thought I would share some more pictures from some
of the resent ones we have had,  
This one was for Susan G. Komen last year.
Every year our local grocery stores sell these Breast Cancer
Bags for $1. So we try to hit them all and get 150 of them.
So Cute!

These are the table goodies. We try to have cute, cute stuff
for everyone's spot.

We decorate the cupcakes and the water bottles too.
These things are both donated to us.

This is the set of Cards that we had for them to make.
I think I said to stay away from embellishments and there
is ribbon on almost everyone one of them!!!!
Okay so sometimes we don't go by our own rules. lol!!
I'll take a picture of the ones we just did at the last one and
post them in a minute.  


  1. Listened to the webinar. Thanks so much for sharing, you all do a fabulous job. What a great way to give back! Shelley

  2. What a great webinar! I had never thought of doing fundraisers...but I learned a lot from you and hope to do one in the near future. Thanks for sharing all your info/ideas with us!
    Kendra Richardson