Friday, March 30, 2012

Girl Scout Fundraiser

One of my down line, Marsha, is doing a Fundraiser this Saturday
for a Girl Scout group. It will be like a Mommy and Me card class.
So this past Saturday we got together to help her make all the Table goodies and the
card samples. These Cute, cute pinwheels will be part of the goodies each girl
gets. I'll post pictures of the finished stuff after the class tomorrow.

We also used the new purse die that will be available for order on April 1st.
It's so cute and so easy to put together!

This is the cute bag they will get with all their supplies in it as they come in.
I put the owl together because I like to do little stuff like that.
I think this is a super cute bag! The owl is a card that we slipped into a clear
envelope so they can use it later.

AND here is Carmen, Rhonda and Brenda.
What a fun group I have for sure!!!
Love them!!

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