Monday, March 19, 2012

Fundraiser time!!

Here we are!! The best Fundraising team ever!!
We raised $4,750. for the Out Reach Ministies at our
church. woooo hoooooo!!!
We had 165 people sign up!
The church was packed!

These are the table goodies for everyone.
Amy and her mom made 175 cookies with the
Stampin Up cookie press. They were so yummy.
We normally have cupcakes but we
thought the cookies would be a good change and they were!!

Everything is seat ready to go.
It only took us an hour and 15 minutes!!
I think we set up in record time!!
We've done it so many times that everyone knows
what to do and just gets with it.
They are amazing!!

These are the bags we gave them when they checked in
with all their supplies in it. The part on the front
is a card that we slipped in a clear envelope so they can
use it later. Pretty cute!!

And here is my husband Mike, fanning the napkins!!
Really??? Who knew he knew how to do that?

When I asked him how he knew, his answer was..
"as seen on TV"!!! lol!!

We also ask everyone to bring a jar of peanut butter to
be donated to "Father's Business". kinda like a food pantry.
We collected 125 jars this time!!! It was sooo exciting!

And we have to say Thank you to Elite Trailers for the use
of a trailer to haul our stuff back and forth. It helps that
Mike and I work there, :) But it makes it so much easier.
Thank you so much for coming Saturday!! We hope you had
a great time!! Save the date of June 9th for our next one!!
It will be our Breast Cancer one!

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