Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back from convention!

Well, we are back from convention and have lots of
ideas that I can't wait to try! This year I had 5 of
my down line go with me. We all had a blast.
Here are two of my roomies, Brenda and Carmen.
We are trying the selfie thing. lol

One of the things I love about Convention is
seeing my other Stampin friends that I love
so much! And here are two of them!!
Diana Gibbs and Becky Roberts!
It's funny I use to stock them and
now they love me back! lol

We signed up for Janet Baker's make-a-take
class and loved it! They had it decorated in
the 50's theme. Very cute!!

Here we are trying the selfie thing again.
Shelly, our other roomie has joined us!

Carmen and Brenda will tell you that one of
their favorite things was the foot massage.
I just watched. lol

Well it's time to get busy on this year's stuff.
I would love to have you join our Inking for Others team!!!
We have so much fun together!

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  1. Stalker!!! Love you more!!!! I have a couple pictures I need to send ya!