Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I love baby showers!

I love baby showers! I really love to make all the goodies
for baby showers. :)
This shower was for my BFF Brenda's son, Jeff and
his wife Lucy. I had planned to make all this cute stuff
and then fell and broke my arm so no making anything for me!

I thank God every day for my friends!
They came to the rescue and helped me get all this
cute stuff made just in time.
Luckily I already had these trains made. I had done
them the week before while I was at Leadership in the
hotel room! Carmen had to add the cookies for me.

Carmen, that I love so much! She took all my ideas and
made them happen! She made the candy bars for me.

Then the best husband in the world helped me
with these sucker cookies that I was determined to make!
He added the stick and then dipped them in the blue
chocolate for me the morning of the shower.
Then Brenda put them in bags once we were at her house.

All this took place a couple of days after my surgery so
I wasn't any help to anyone. grrr
While Pat was at my house baby sitting me the day after the
surgery she made the banners on the straws for me.

Then Carmen and her daughter made these oh so cute and
so yummy animal cookies!!
I loved them!

Carmen also made 3 diaper cakes for us to
have sitting around. They turned out so cute!

Brenda made the cute waters! lol

I was able to make the banner with one hand,
with a little help from Brenda. :)

Lucy and Jeff

This is a few of my best friends in  the whole world!
Front is Carmen and Brenda
in the back is Rhonda, Me and Pat.
Love you guys!

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