Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fundraiser pictures

I'm still playing catch up! So here are the Pictures from
our Feb. Fundraiser. It Benefited the CWF group at
our Church. We raised $6,600 plus! We were super excited!

Here are a few of the door prizes. Each Demonstrator that
is involved with the Fundraiser has to make 17 door prizes.

My friend Gayle Enouen made my door prizes for me
since I was one handed at the time! I love, love, love her!!




As you can see I wasn't much help. They made me sit
there the whole weekend with my arm up. uughh

My daughter Ashley sat with me. Love her!


Here is the Best Fundraising team ever!!!!!


Kacie was checking out the $1 cards.

Big Thanks so everyone that came!

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  1. Hi Sherri and all your demonstrators, We always have such a great time at the fund raisers. Your team puts in so much work. Thanks.
    (PS. You might want to fix the spelling on "Dude, You're Welcome")