Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leadership 2012

Can you believe all our stuff? We stopped in Fort Worth for a little shopping!
I'm thinking we did a little to much! :) but it was so much fun!

Here they are! My girls!
Brenda, Monica and Carmen.
Their first time to go to Leadership!
It has been so much fun being with them, they are so excited!

This is our view from our room.

The Bag! I love this!

They are getting to play with the new stuff!

More pictures tomorrow!
My talk is over!! Thank you Jesus!
I cried in the first one! Ughhh but the second and third time
was okay!
So glad that is done! Shelly's daughter, Sara, was my helper!
She was so sweet! I love her! She was the best helper ever!
Thanks Sara!!!


  1. I am glad your speech went well. There was still more room on top for more shopping!! :)

  2. Look at all those Thirty-One bags!!! Gotta love those bags. Thank you for posting pictures from your time at Leadership!