Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Zoo Scrap Booking pages

I think Summer time reminds me of the zoo! So I
always seem to do a Zoo Theme for class. :)
I think it turned out pretty cute! What do you think?

They had the 7 animals to pick from, but only needed 6
for the layout. Mr. Zebra was the unlucky winner
on my pages.

And I think everyone else left him off their pages too.
They say they want it just like mine. lol
My goal is to be more active on my blog this year.
(Stampin Up year that is)
So with the help of my friends...
Becky Roberts, Michelle Zindorf and Brenda
McBride, we are coming up with a plan.
So stay tuned and share with your friends!!
Love and Hugs!

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