Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Door Prizes

Here are some of the door prizes from
our Christmas card event. We make enough
for everyone to have one. :)
So each of us had to make 21.
These oh so cute owls were made by
Rhonda Gurley. She had bags of Buttons
from the Clearance rack in them.
I love Marsha Whitmire's snowmen!!
She rolled twine on popsicle sticks and put
in the back of him.  

Brenda McBride made the super cute
Snow flake ornaments and box to put it in.
Carmen Harder made the adorable gingerbread
girls!! She put candy and glitter in them.
and I Love Pat Clines Kleenex holders!!  

Lysa Ross made the Ms. Claus dresses
and she put bottles of shimmer mist in them.
and Melanie Henry made the Christmas books
with tags in them.

Lauri Smalley made these tins. She put
all kinds of goodies in them.
For some reason it wouldn't let me load anymore pictures so
I'll have to show you the rest later.
But all my girls did a great job on their door prizes!!
Have a great Tuesday evening!!
It's Chicago Fire Tuesday!!!

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