Friday, May 16, 2014

Our Stampin Up Cruise

We are back from our Stampin Up cruise and we had
a great time!!! Thank you Stampin Up and all my
Friends and Customers that helped me earn this trip!

The first port was in Haiti. :) it was the only
beach that we got to see. The other ports were in
shopping areas.


All the Stampin Up rooms had this cuteness on the doors.
I heard there were about 800 of us stampers on board.
One day on the elevator, someone (not a stamper)
was telling someone else "THOSE stampin people"
and I go, We're everywhere, we're everywhere!!
hee hee

We had a great time with our Stampin Friends!
This is Michelle and Russ Zindorf.

Yes I won!!! The casino was one of 2 places Mike
could smoke on the ship so while I was waiting on
him one day I played the Wizard of Oz machine and
won $157!! wooo hoooo.  

One of Mike's favorite places was Pancho's backyard
in Cozumel.

And this is my sweet Friends Jeff and Diana Gibbs!!
We all had a great time!!!
I'm working on earning Hawaii now. Michelle and Diana
have already earned it!!!
So I just have too!! Do you hear the whinnying in my
voice? lol
Thanks for stopping!!

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