Thursday, September 13, 2012

Founders 2012

Sharing this witchy box! I so CASED this and I love her!
Becky sent it to me and ask if I could figure her out and
I was johnny on the spot with it!
We will be making her in my Halloween class this
month. Her hair it made with the Fun Flower die. It
took 4 of them cut in half. Her Hat is the petal cone die,
her nose and bow tie are from the petal builder punch.

I made a few for friends at Founders and
then the little ornament ones for the Event's team 
that put all our fun stuff together.

Here's what was on our doors!!! I love it!

Ms Audra with our yummy drinks last night.
She take very good care of me!
The glasses say "founders" on them.

For those of you that know I don't eat sea food,
don't worry, that hasn't changed. :) They had
something else for me. This is my group this year.

Shopping day!
We were loving this store. It reminded me of Kirkland's from

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