Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lot of Birthday pictures

This last Saturday was my birthday and anniversary so
my club girls brought lots of goodies with them!!
I love Birthdays!! Don't these cupcakes look yummy??
I wouldn't know. :( I started Jenny Craig 2 weeks ago so
I was good and didn't eat one. But MAN do I ever want one!

Here's my BFF on the left, Brenda and her Little sister
Amanda!! Do they ever look alike or what!?

Ms. Jessie was the first one finished so I told her it was
picture time!! We made the cutest project that I received
from Becky Roberts at Convention! Thank you Becky!!
They Loved it! I'll let you get all the details from her blog.

Amanda, Cherie and Gerri working hard!!

Then it was Present time!! I love presents!!
I loved, loved this paper!!

The first thing I opened was reinkers.
Here I was going... reinkers...?????
really???? :)

And it was ALL of the new ink pads! ALL of them!!!
I was just buying one or two at a time. :)

Back to those yummy cup cakes!! They had the cutest
rings on them! This is Phyllis showing hers off!

Don't look at my messy room!! But this is
Rhonda, Pat and Marsha putting up
my new light that they bought for themselves. :)
They hated the lighting in my room so they
got a new one and Rhonda put it up!

Pat's brother talked her through it!
She did a great job!!

Then we got busy working on retreat stuff.

This is one of the cards that Pat made for my Birthday.
Love it!

Brenda made this one for our anniversary.
love it too!!
Thank you guys so much for the best birthday ever!!!

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