Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sorting the Fundraiser cards

Pat and Brenda spent last Friday sorting all the cards for the Fundraiser.
This is one of the things that takes the longest to do.
And we have to make sure it's right. :)
They started at 8am  and Brenda said they were
clocking out at 8pm. lol

But here they are!!! Ready to go!
We met at the Church on Saturday (a week before the FR)
to finish up anything that needed to be done.

We sold 26 kits this time, so all those had to be stamped and put together.
This is Brenda and Pat. Pat is our paper cutter!!
She's retired, ya know! :) She tells us that all the time!

Amy is rolling out the 350 hearts we need for one of the cards and
Becky and Susan are making the water bottles all pretty!!
Becky hates stamping just for the record but she loves
me and is at every Fundraiser!! We've been friends since the
6th grade.

Brenda is checking every one's tubs to make sure they
have everything in them for the big day!!

These are the bags that they will get as they come in with all their card supplies.
We buy these every years from Crest and Homeland. They have a
different Breast cancer one every year. They sell them for a $1.
We have 190 of them this year!!!
We get extra so all the helpers can have one too!

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