Thursday, November 3, 2011


OMG! It has been a month since I posted something! I'm kinda sucking at this aren't I!
October was a busy month for me! I hope to keep it going for November and December too!
Maybe.. :)
This is the Wicked Frame class that I offered and it went over Great! I cased the idea off the site Pinterest?
That is a whole nother world that you can get lost in when you start looking on there!  
I have no idea who did it. But I fell in love with it and had to do it!

This past weekend, part of the IFO's took a trip to the
McBride lake house at Grand Lake.
Aren't they cute!! We worked all weekend on getting ready for
our Customer Appr. Christmas card class that we are having on November 12th.
It was also Marsha's 50th Birthday so we had to celebrate that! But I'll show you pictures of that
maybe tomorrow. :)

The weather was great! It was so pretty up there!

We are trying to get all the sorting done for 160 people!
So we took over the pool table. Sorry guys!
No pool for you!

Rhonda and Lysa worked on easel cards all weekend. This will be one of the
table gifts we give to everyone. They will love it! Or I should say they
better love it! hee hee We had to make 175 of them babies!
They aren't so cute anymore, just sayin!

And this is what I did! He's not so cute either!! He was!
But not so much now!
Marsha worked on the petal cone part of him and I did the faces. He's all done now and that's
all that matters!! If you are lucky enough to get one of these, you are NEVER to throw him away!! Do you hear me!! I say that with all the love in my heart! :)
I'll share more weekend pictures later and of Marsha's birthday!

Have a great week!

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  1. Oh was that a customer appreciation event at the church when I stopped by!
    What a great idea! I want details later please! :)