Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fundraiser for Susan G. Komen

Wow! What a day! We raised $4,672 for Susan G. Komen!
It is so exciting! Thank you girls for the all the help in making this the
best day ever!
You are a Great IFO team!

These are all the bags with the cards kits in them.
We started buying them last year when they came out
in the Homelands and Crest stores.

These are the cards we made. They made 2 of each.

Love the table goodies girls! You did a great job!

Debbie, Laurie and Carmen!!

My niece Kacie and her mom, my oldest BFF :)
Becky HATES stamping but is at every FR because she
loves me! Love her back!!

We had 77 tubs to pass around!!! that's a lot of stampin

Yummy Cup Cakes!!

My daughter Kayla and niece Kacie!
Can you tell they are related?! Best little
helpers ever!!!

Brenda BFF (she was in charge while I was at Founder's
Circle) :)
and Rhonda.

Me, Carmen and Amy

Lysa (we had to make her stand still for a picture!
I think Marsha was in her car taking a nap when I was
taking all these pictures! She was up all night making her door
prizes! She said she never went to bed! That's crazy!! :)

Susan and Brenda

Carmen and Kelly!!

Love these girls!
These are my once a month Thursday girls!
In the back...
Donna, Betty Jo, Elizabeth and Shelly.
Front and Elaine and Kathy.

Another "oldest BFF" Robin, her mom and niece.
Love them!

The Best Husband ever!!
Thanks honey for setting up, tearing down, setting up and tearing down!!

This is my Family..
Mike, Paul (son-in-law)
Daughters Ashley and Kayla.

BIG THANKS for everyone that participated!!!
You are so greatly appreciated!!
Big Hugs to all of you!! 
Thank you!! 

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